Pest Control

Our Pest Control program offers solutions for both your home and business.

We provide an all-inclusive pest control service that guarantees protection against over 26 varieties of pests.

For our residential customers we typically provide quarterly pest control.  On our initial service, we will address your existing pest problems, as well as provide preventative treatments to avoid future problems.  On the interior, we utilize gel and granular baits that are placed under sinks and appliances, in areas where the bugs live, not where you and your family live.   On the exterior, we treat around the foundation of your home and clean off the eaves as well.  Thereafter, we service your home on the exterior every three months.  Of course, the interior is included any time it is needed, and all services in between the regular visits are included in the quarterly charge.

Our commercial customers receive the same guarantees as our residential customers, however, the service frequencies may vary based on the individual needs of each business.


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